Alfred Hoch

Former Nazi technician of the Mind


Alfred has an older man’s physique and walks with a small limp. He often carries a handcrafted dark-wood walking stick to aid him in his movements. He is quiet and reserved; focused on the task on hand and often mumbles under his breath whilst working. A thick beard covers his face whilst blue grandfatherly eyes are set deep into his skull.


Alfred worked for the Nazi’s in their death camps. He has a keen interest in the Mind and Nazi’s were able to supply him with a steady supply of test subjects for him to use up. At the conclusion of the War, he was picked up by the US government as part of Operation Paperclip.

Settling in Seattle, he continued his pioneering psychiatric work throughout different asylums in the city. Like many Dragon’s he searches for answers concerning the Beast and how it can be tamed by the power of the Mind.

He is the sire of Rosemary and Mercurio.

Alfred Hoch

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