Joe Ableman

Second chance Joe


Joe Ableman ended up on the streets through an unfortunate series of events, almost like he was cursed. Despite all his best efforts his beautiful life slipped through his fingers.
He married after his military service, dropping out of college to get a “proper job” working on the trawlers and docks to support his already growing family. A baby girl, sweet and pure, to compliment his honey coloured wife.
He didn’t mind the long hours, freezing cold and back breaking work. It was all especially worth it when they bought their own apartment in an almost up and coming part of Seattle.
Not long after life just turned to ashes and then even those were ground into the dirt.
First there was the fire while he was out on the boat, everything gone…apartment, Ellen and Edwina….gone. The insurance covered the funeral expenses and his first months rent in a boarding house, Joe counted himself lucky to even get that.
Then there was the storm, flashes of light, blinding rain and waves. Screams, wet and blood, so much blood. He saved Garry’s life, stopped him from going overboard despite the gaff in his shoulder. And it was nice, the gratitude, just knowing he had done a fella right, but it didn’t pay the bills, didn’t fix the damage to his shoulder and back. A beautiful life slips through your fingers and you find yourself dreaming, hoping for that second chance.
Then you meet Rosemary, your second chance at a beautiful life.


Joe Ableman – born 1923
Hair – Black
Eyes – Hazel
Height – 6’ 3"
Weight – 95kg

Worked as a paper delivery boy, storeman and fisherman.
Highest education – 2nd year college, war service entrant. Engineering
Military service – 24 months, United State Army Corps of Engineers.

Status – Widow

Medical history – Major damage to left shoulder upper, fractured scapula, broken clavicle and torn tendons.
Surgery saved the arm but was unable to restore full functionality.

Joe Ableman

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