William Acker

The Charming Farm Boy


William has never had a problem making friends, either because of his winning smile or small town charms, but these aren’t always the type of friends that last more than an evening. He knows how to get a job done, though, and while a pretty girl or a fun drinking buddy may make him stray from his path now and then, he’s the type of guy you want around when it comes down to business.


William was raised on a dairy farm quite a few hours out from Seattle, by his now elderly Aunt and Uncle. Aspiring to make more money from the farm, he moved to Seattle out of high school to attend college and learn more about the business side of things. With his small town charms and friendly personality, he found himself quickly taken with city life and indulged often in it’s vices. With his own little bachelor pad and youth on his side, he felt little need to return to the farm life.

After hitting it off with Alicia one pleasant evening, he is finding himself pulled into another life entirely.

William Acker

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