Tag: Carthian


  • Celestine

    Celestine moved to Seattle in the 1920s and unlike most worms, chose to not to live in the subterranean warrens under the city. For all of her Requiem she has sought out the most beautiful artists in order to secure their immortality. Often this has …

  • Quinn

    Quinn operates a lucrative prostitution racket but also dips her delicate fingers into any warm pie that catches her eye.

  • Grolsch

    Grolsch is the king of the subterranean spaces, and can be found in every shadow and around every dark corner in the city. But despite being the leader of the Nosferatu warren beneath the city, he's alarmingly political as far as the Freaks go - he's …

  • Siobhan

    Like most Mekhet, Siobhan's past is clouded in shadow. She is believed to be a native of Seattle, a vampire who survived the fires in the 1880s. She is the clan speaker for the Mekhet.