Tag: Circle of the Crone


  • Damon Wolfe

    Acting has been in Damon's blood from the very beginning, from the little plays put on as a child to the prestigious stage of The Paramount Theatre. Being young and handsome have always been tools of the trade. They are used to get notice and …

  • Daciana

    Despite being a possibly insane and monstrous elder, Daciana remains as an active part of the Circle of the Crone. She serves as Hierophant, yes, leading the local cultists in the various rites and services. But she also serves as an emblem of the Crone …

  • Mecurio

    Late night strollers of the Seattle streets are often surprised by the figure emerging from the darkness. His offer to show them true magic evokes nervous smiles and backward steps. A man picks a card and is told to show it to his wife without looking at …

  • Mercedes

    Mercedes is clan speaker for the Daeva. She is an advocate for neonate representation in the Senate and a powerfully empathetic, nominally unaligned voice. She maintains busy territory around the Pike Street Market area.