Tag: Daeva


  • Owen

    Owen is in competition with [[:celestine-1 | Celestine]] as they constantly attempt to out-do each other's parties. They are both on the committee responsible for setting up and maintaining Elysium parties, however Celestine has more power. Owen often …

  • Amelie

    Amelie handles a lot of [[:tiberius-3 | Tiberius']] business deals since he is too lazy to do so himself.

  • Mercedes

    Mercedes is clan speaker for the Daeva. She is an advocate for neonate representation in the Senate and a powerfully empathetic, nominally unaligned voice. She maintains busy territory around the Pike Street Market area.

  • Thabit

    Thabit is a self-righteous brute. His version of the Sanctum is walled-off and restrictive: a castle in which those who belong are protected and those who do not are held outside the gate. His version of the Danse Macabre is an exalted condition, but …