Tag: Invictus


  • Rosemary Borneman

    In the beginning there was darkness, then the lord said "Can you tell me why you are here?" and the princess answered "To serve you" and lo it was good.

  • Tiberius

    Tiberius arrived in Seattle around 15 years ago from Chicago. He became embroiled young coterie who had discovered an ancilla who had sold his soul to the heretical Belial's Brood. Tiberius and the coterie came out of the conflict ahead when the Senate …

  • Harmon Kale

    Kale is the head of the Vigeles within Seattle. That means he is in charge of law and order. He can operate in shadow, be equal parts "tough goon" and "long arm of the law," and play good cop/bad cop all by himself.

  • Amelie

    Amelie handles a lot of [[:tiberius-3 | Tiberius']] business deals since he is too lazy to do so himself.

  • Siobhan

    Like most Mekhet, Siobhan's past is clouded in shadow. She is believed to be a native of Seattle, a vampire who survived the fires in the 1880s. She is the clan speaker for the Mekhet.

  • Lucretia

    Lucretia's ruthless. When the Senate called a blood hunt on her sire for turning her, she helped put him down. When a hunt was called on a local member of Belial's Brood, she was there again, slaying yet another older Kindred. She works as a member …

  • Atticus

    Atticus takes his role as Censor very seriously, well he takes everything seriously. However his time in this position is almost over with his term expiring.