Tag: Ordo Dracul


  • Alfred Hoch

    Alfred worked for the Nazi's in their death camps. He has a keen interest in the Mind and Nazi's were able to supply him with a steady supply of test subjects for him to use up. At the conclusion of the War, he was picked up by the US government as part …

  • Mecurio

    Late night strollers of the Seattle streets are often surprised by the figure emerging from the darkness. His offer to show them true magic evokes nervous smiles and backward steps. A man picks a card and is told to show it to his wife without looking at …

  • Saladin

    Reluctant Kogaion of Seattle's Ordo Dracul, Saladin is dedicated to research into places of power otherwise known as "Dragon Nests."

  • Mercedes

    Mercedes is clan speaker for the Daeva. She is an advocate for neonate representation in the Senate and a powerfully empathetic, nominally unaligned voice. She maintains busy territory around the Pike Street Market area.

  • Vincent Colacurcio

    Vinnie is a Ventrue and a stand-up guy. From Seattle's own crime family, specialists in vice, he was a natural choice for Quinn when she needed a progeny with connections and knowledge of the city's underside to assist in running her own string of …