Tag: Ventrue


  • Tiberius

    Tiberius arrived in Seattle around 15 years ago from Chicago. He became embroiled young coterie who had discovered an ancilla who had sold his soul to the heretical Belial's Brood. Tiberius and the coterie came out of the conflict ahead when the Senate …

  • Quinn

    Quinn operates a lucrative prostitution racket but also dips her delicate fingers into any warm pie that catches her eye.

  • Atticus

    Atticus takes his role as Censor very seriously, well he takes everything seriously. However his time in this position is almost over with his term expiring.

  • Vincent Colacurcio

    Vinnie is a Ventrue and a stand-up guy. From Seattle's own crime family, specialists in vice, he was a natural choice for Quinn when she needed a progeny with connections and knowledge of the city's underside to assist in running her own string of …