Factions in 1962

The Clans

The Serpents are growing as a clan in Seattle. Despite a drop in the economy in the mid-fifties, the fiscal outlook for the future is very promising. With more money comes more opportunities for the high life which the Daeva usually yearn for. Most Daeva have worked their way into Senate positions, enjoying the esteem that that brings whilst also manipulating a number of urban growth projects throughout the city, therefore increasing there power base amongst the mortals.

The Gangrel are one of the largest clans in the Seattle region. Wilderness surrounds the large town; National parks and huge mountain ranges provide ample opportunity for the savages to run through the rain, blood-soaked nights. City development also includes a large amount of parklands for the Gangrel and mortals of Seattle to enjoy. However, other beings roam those same forests and the Gangrel often have to share their little islands of savagery with other feral creatures.

The Nosferatu live almost separate from the other clans within the city. Except for a few exceptions, these Freaks stick their own underground lairs, only really interacting with each other. Many have taken up residence in the Seattle Underground, where they watch with interest the comings and goings of city elders. For all appearances suggests they have removed themselves from the political structures of the kindred.

The Mekhet enjoy the dark and overcast nights of Seattle. The city itself is relatively young but it’s shadow strewn streets cling onto secrets with a vice-like grip, refusing to let go. Some Shadows believe that there is some curse obscuring the city, creating a blanket the hides information, no matter how banal, from any investigator. Whatever the reason, Seattle has become the perfect place to hide and the Mekhet (especially those working for the Senate) enjoy a challenge.

The Ventrue are beginning to view the future with some trepidation. These traditionalists can feel a change rippling through the city that they do not think they can control. The majority of Lords hold Senate seats and with their strong ties to the growing human bureaucracy, the Ventrue are the strongest clan in the city, if not the largest. As a clan they seek to maintain the status quo; despite the taint of other clans within the Senate, the Ventrue still believes it can control policy in its favour.

The Covenants

The Carthian Movement all but disappeared with the formation of the Senate and the Republic of the Seven Hills. After the Great Fire, the Movement was able to push in a number of reforms to create a formal ruling council. From that point they were able to instigate the creation of the Senate – a place where all Kindred voices could be heard and a ruling body which any vampire could be a part of. Seventy years later and the Carthian’s have found their feet again. Whilst the majority of the movement work within the framework of their great accomplishment, a few outcast factions are calling the grand experiment a failure. The Senate, they say, is corrupt and rotten to it’s core and that the elite rule over the pack. It’s time for more reforms…time to return the power back to the people.

There are quite a few members of the Circle of the Crone. Seattle has always been a fairly liberal city that has experienced a lot of new arrivals from various cultures. This melting pot of beliefs has curdled into a powerful covenant that is more than happy to carry on it’s esoteric practices without sticking it’s nose into the politics of the city. The leader of the Circle, Daciana, maintains strong control over the disparate covenant, making them a force to be reckoned should they every get their nose bent out of shape.

The local Invictus kindred find themselves oddly irrelevant, overshadowed by the grinding political machine that is the Senate. Therefore, in Seattle, Invictus members have taken on the traditional role of maintaining the Masquerade within the city, working as a part of the Senate infrastructure. They are a small covenant within Seattle, but their numbers are growing.

The Lancea et Sanctum has few supports in Seattle. Hard line religious dogma has never featured heavily in the culture of the region, hence it has never been fully embraced by the kindred of the city. However, there is always a place for the traditional and the power of ritual and those drawn to this covenant convene and discuss the night when God will be returned to the city with a big capital G.

The Ordo Dracul has a small membership within Seattle. Most members are powerful loners who meet on occasion to discuss and show off various discoveries. The shadow of obscurity that blankets Seattle can make some investigations difficult but even that is being studied by the covenant’s members. With the city being on the brink of exploding onto the world stage, the Ordo Dracul have enjoyed the influx of new technologies and science that may help with their great experiments.

Other Groups

After the Great Seattle Fire just before the turn of the century, vampire politics within the city suffered a major upheaval. Several Carthian leaders, with the support (or apathy) of elders throughout Seattle, began to institute a system of government mimicking what was known about the Camarilla senate in ancient Rome. The Carthians were interested in setting in place a ruling body that was open to all kindred, a true democracy for the masses. In the seventy years that have passed, power is still held by the eldest though there is much debate and red tape involved in all decisions and judgements, and for the right price, even the lowest Neonate can have a voice.

With the rise of the Republic of the Seven Hills, other institutions of ancient Rome were also resurrected by some of the more powerful senators. The gladiatorial games of old were brought back to life – animals, humans, ghouls and vampires would fight for their respective houses for riches, respect and fame. There are four schools within Seattle, each Ludus owned by a powerful member of the senate with the management of the school’s fighters being left to a Doctore…the champion of the Ludus. Games are held frequently for Senator and nobody alike, you just need to know where they are being held.

Factions in 1962

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