Despite all my rage,
I am still just a rat in a cage.

- The Smashing Pumpkins

Fear fuelled change has resulted in a new Prince for Seattle. Tiberius holds power now and he has gained the support of powerful elders. But is he wily puppet master or is someone else pulling his strings?

The dust has settled, the Masquerade and Elysium rigorously enforced – order and stability rule in rain drenched Seattle. However, angst bleeds in the shadows as the desire for freedom builds. You can hear it echoing down the streets and beating through the walls.

Listen to the Seattle Sound.

A Vampire the Requiem game using the Blood and Smoke chronicle rules.

Other World of Darkness games that are a part of the Seattle Chronicles include -

  • Of Wolf and Man: A Werewolf the Forsaken game set in Metro Seattle about the rise of a new pack of Forsaken and their battle with a powerful spirit called the Alder Man.
  • Fear and Flame: A Werewolf the Forsaken game set in the small town of Snoqualmie as a newly established pack must try and defeat an ancient evil.

Dust and Shadow

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