Damon Wolfe

The Actor



In life I had the looks and the talent, I was going places!

In my new life, the looks may have changed, but the talent is now enhanced with new abilities and strengths. I’m really going places now and I have all the time in the world to enjoy it.

Many people will not notice or remember me, but that is all part of my act, those that do will be blown away!

They say all things eventually change, I have been promised for the better.


Acting has been in Damon’s blood from the very beginning, from the little plays put on as a child to the prestigious stage of The Paramount Theatre.

Being young and handsome have always been tools of the trade. They are used to get notice and admiration, to get the legion of screaming fans. But looks can and will fade and people age so it’s even better when you back them up with sheer talent, the ability to be someone else, something else entirely. To be able to suspend people’s disbelief and to make them think about what they see is the true test of an actor. Make them remember you no matter what happens!

His schooling, training, friends and enemies have all been tied to the goal of great fame on the stage and that day is fast approaching, of this there has never been any doubt.

Damon Wolfe

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