Vincent Colacurcio

The Knife


Tall and muscular, Vinnie looks sharp enough to cut in a charcoal, pin-stripe suit with black shoes shone to a mirror finish. His dark hair is slicked back from his face and his pale face is dominated by piercing blue eyes. He is coolly composed in social situations – whether chatting with friends or making death threats.


Vinnie is a Ventrue and a stand-up guy.
From Seattle’s own crime family, specialists in vice, he was a natural choice for Quinn when she needed a progeny with connections and knowledge of the city’s underside to assist in running her own string of brothels and strip clubs.
Despite his nickname, Vinnie is not prone to unprovoked violence. Rather, he tends to be sent as the voice of reason – explaining why dreadful things might happen to one’s beloved dog, parents, etc. were one foolish enough to, for example, disrespect Quinn’s ladies or establishments or fail to pay one’s bills. That said, when push comes to shove, Vinnie does carry a knife and his nickname is not of his own devising. If you know what I mean.
Vinnie values loyalty and believes strongly in ties of blood – a focus that sparked his interest in the nature and role of blood in Kindred society and led to his joining the Ordo Dracul.

Vincent Colacurcio

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